Computer Security — Ransomware

Ransomware has become an increasingly common form of malware designed to block user access to their computer files until the user pays a “ransom”.  These viruses usually get into the system designed as an official-looking email document that spreads a virus across the office network as soon as it is opened.  The best defense is to NOT open suspicious files — the second best defense is to always maintain a current off-site backup.  But, as we found out last year, even restoring a back-up means the network is down for several hours.

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New Boom Spreader


This new Boom Spreader will deliver liquid or granular fertilizer evenly across 85′ of bog and is  designed to reduce or eliminate helicopter usage on the new rectangular Carverside bogs. Mark Sherman worked closely with Spooner Machine of Wisconsin in assembling and testing this unit.

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The Accounting Department is looking for an experienced Accounts Payable Specialist to join their team. Applicants must have at least 5 years’ experience and thorough knowledge in all aspects of accounts payable. They must possess strong organizational and time management skills as it is a fast-paced and high volume environment.  Some of the essential elements as the Accounts Payable Specialist include reviewing invoices for accuracy, processing weekly check runs for multiple affiliated companies, reconciling the A/P account to G/L balances, processing 1099’s at year end, and maintaining vendor files.

Please read the qualifications for this position carefully. The successful applicant will have to get up to speed quickly and therefore, we will only consider those who meet all the criteria listed above.  A.D. Makepeace offers a generous benefits package, paid time off, and 401K with company match.

Please send your resume and cover letter with salary requirements to to be considered for this position.

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Cranberry Educational Foundation Merit Award

The Cranberry Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the application process for the 2016 Merit Award. Three awards of $1,000, $1,000 and $750 will be presented this year.

The Mission of the Cranberry Educational Foundation is to introduce the American cranberry, cranberry farming and its heritage to the communities, neighbors and visitors in the area. This quality educational outreach will enrich understanding and provide strong relationships throughout the community.

The completed application form and accompanying materials must be received at the CCCGA office no later than 12:00 PM, Friday, April 29, 2016.

2016 CEF Merit Award App Form

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Retirement Redefined: Income Planning for the Modern Retiree


AD Makepeace – Retirement

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Redbrook Commercial

Beginning this week, a 30-second commercial for our homes at Redbrook will be airing on WCVB-TV.  You can watch it during the “Good Morning America” or “Chronical” segments on Mondays or Tuesdays over the next few months, or you can watch it here!

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New Office Wireless Network

dilbert-wireless-300x285The upgrade of the 158 Tihonet wireless network was completed this morning when the CranNet-2 router was pulled and the new “ADMP” system was fully operational.  The new system relies on a series of several antennae spread across the office and will deliver a stronger and more consistent signal than was possible from the old router — particularly upstairs and in the conference rooms and Finance offices.

The Guest password for the new system is ADGuests1234!.   This will allow internet access only for guests or others with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.  ADM employees who need to access our secure internal networks, should see Carlos or Bob for the employee access code.

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New Spam Filter


Junk Email — Not this kind of Spam!

We activated a new spam filter this past weekend to block some of the malicious email viruses that we have been receiving lately.  Employees should have begun receiving  emails from ACT stating that the system has blocked suspicious emails and encouraging them to check their quarantine account by logging in with their username (which is the same as their email address) and a link to set your password.  From the quarantine area, users can indicate that an email is safe and can be released, or bad and should be blocked and deleted.  The system also blocks the download of all “zip” or “doc” files because of the number of viruses theses files are known to carry.

If anybody needs assistance with the email filter, please contact Carlos, Bob or ACT.

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Ways to Spot a Bogus Email

Click Here for Graphic

Forbes Magazine is reporting that infected emails carrying “Ransomware” have been infecting 90,000 systems a day with a program that locks up servers until their owners pay a ransom to regain control of their system.

This virus usually comes in the form of a Word document (.doc) or a compressed (.zip) file which is attached to a relatively normal-appearing email.  Last year we were hit with the “doc” version (which required a system shut-down and restoration to remove). This week  there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate our system with bogus “zip” files.

We will continue to install hardware and software upgrades as they become available.  But we also request that system users not open ANY doc or zip files which may be attached to an email –unless you are expecting them and are certain the sender is legitimate.

If you have any question about an email, please do not hesitate to contact Carlos, myself, or ACT Technologies, our IT service provider.

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Data Breach Information

On March 2, 2016, ADM employees were alerted that there was a data breach and there may have been an unauthorized acquisition of personal information.  This information was related to the 2015 Form W-2 Report of Wages. (See Notice)  This information did not include any dates of birth, insurance or personal banking information, or the names of any family members.

For more information on your options, please click here.

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