As an A.D. Makepeace Company employee, you are eligible for deep discounts on Ocean Spray products purchased in bulk. Orders are placed with Ocean Spray at the beginning of each month, and arrive at the office about two weeks later.

Here’s how you complete an order:

  1. Click here for a list of products and prices.
  2. Click here to download an order form.*
  3. Type your selections into the form, or print it out and write them in by hand.
  4. Email the form to Jessica Fleugel, or put it in her mailbox in the main office. She must have it by the first day of the month for you to be included in that month’s order.
  5. Drop off a check to Jess within two weeks of placing your order.

*Pro tip: Click here for an Excel version of the form which does all the math for you.