Once again, we have “adopted” families through the Turning Point program in hopes that A.D. Makepeace Company employees will help make their holidays a little brighter.

This year, you also have the option of making a cash donation. Please leave any amount in an envelope in Kim’s mailbox.

No need to wrap any gifts.  Everything should be labeled with the family number.  We ask that all gifts be in before Dec. 10th.

Family #147

13 year old girl. Needs: black skateboard helmet, full size mattress, fidget toys.  Wishes: long mirror, 32 oz Hydro Flask, longboard skateboard, board games.  Likes make up, board games, doing hair, Friends & The Office programs.

7 year old girl. Sizes: 10 girls, shoe size 3 youth.  Needs: warm clothing, winter boots, arts & crafts.  Wishes: Power Wheels sportscar, Arts & Crafts, Roblox Cards.  Likes Roblox, animals, barbie, LOL. Favorite color is Teal.

6 year old boy: Sizes: 8 boys, shoe size 3 youth.  Needs: Winter coat, winter boots, gloves, swimming lessons.  Wishes: Batman toys, Roblox cards, Batman car.  Likes NE sports teams, Batman. Favorite color is Blue.

Family #145

8 year old boy.  Sizes: 12/14 boys.  Needs: Sweatpants, sweatshirts.  Wishes: Play Station gift card.  Likes basketball and Play Station.  Favorite color is Blue.